Pilgrimage Day Nine

June 27, 2015
Women's Pilgrimage at well

We enjoyed Mass and a breakfast social with the community of St Francis Cabrini; many stories and experiences were shared, and Father Nathan gave us pilgrimage blessing before we began our walk for the day. The road was winding and beautiful, filled with magnificent homes and lovely farms, as we wrapped around and between Silver Lake, Little Cedar and Big Cedar Lakes. The sun was hot, so we enjoyed shaded rest at every opportunity we could. April joined us today; she wanted to experience the feel of our 15 – 20 pound backpacks, so Chris shared hers for a little while. It made us think about the weight we all carry around, our burden / weight in this life is very personal, often created by our own choice, and sometimes thrust upon us by other circumstances. We can lighten our loads through detachment and letting go, but still, our burden is ours and to let another carry it for us seems somewhat odd, and yet that is exactly what Jesus offers to do for us, “My yoke is easy and burden light”, He says, but how many of us really take Jesus up on His offer, instead we cling to our backpacks and groan as we walk through this life. Pray with Mary, Walk with Jesus.

In Jesus’ Most Merciful Love,

Eileen Belongea, DRE/DYM