June 18

June 18, 2014
pilgrims walking in the rain

Day Four

Today we woke to strong thunderstorms, but after Mass and breakfast with the community of St Michael the Archangel in Whitelaw, the storms gave way to a gentle summer rain. We set out praising God for the coolness of the rain, as it soothed our sunburned bodies.

Fr Klingeisen met us at St Mary Catholic Church in Clarks Mills, where we took a break from the rain to pray there. Again we were overwhelmed and grateful for the hospitality showed to us by Father and his faith community.

As we set out again, the rain slowly stopped the a gentle breeze dried our damp clothes. Lunch in Valders was met with more generous hospitality, at the Subway one of the women working there witnessed us tending our sore feet and sunburn, she went out back and cut some sprigs from an Aloe Vera plant for us. Other people greeted us kindly and wished us well along the way.

As we made our way toward St Nazianz, the temperature dropped and a fog rolled in, but we made it to Holy Resurrection Monastery without more rain. Evening prayers with the monks was beautiful and inspiring, they fed us well for supper and then Abbot Nicholas gave us a enlightening conference on the Eastern Rite. I am sure we will all sleep well tonight.

Pray with Mary, Walk with Jesus.