June 17

June 17, 2014
Women's pilgrimage walking

Day Three

After a beautiful Mass with the Carmelite Sisters, we set out in a light humid rain and questionable skies for St Michael Parish in Whitelaw – 18 miles. Four miles into the day, we stopped at the lovely country Parish – St James Copperstown. Sr. Geri was there to greet us and open the church for us to pray.

After a 20 minute break there we set out again under a clear warm sky. The Wisconsin countryside is gorgeous in this stretch of the state, a mix of traditional farmland and rolling green hills with valley streams. We stopped at a cafe in Kellnersville for lunch, the food and hospitality were awesome.

After a post lunch rest under the trees at St Joseph Catholic Church, we began our final trek for the day. The afternoon grew very hot and the sun sapped our energy, but we made it to St Michael in good spirits, though a bit sunburned and blistered. The Manitowoc Chapter of the Knights of Columbus treated us to a great pizza dinner and our energy and spirits were replenished.

Thanks to the hospitality of the St Michael community we were well cared for and soon settled in for some much needed rest.

Pray with Mary, Walk with Jesus.