Day Eleven, Wednesday

October 23, 2013
From Kewaskum to Holy Angels in West Bend

Today was a much needed lighter day with only seven and a half miles to walk. I had a later start because I had a wonderful discussion with some ladies, who had bought me breakfast, about the future of pilgrimage.

I also realized last evening that I did my math wrong when I figured the number of days. Starting on the 13th and ending on the 25th doesn’t mean you just subtract 13 from 25, because that leaves out the 13th day. So this is actually a 13-day pilgrimage.

I am now at Holy Angels in West Bend. I’m being greeted with much hospitality. I look forward to walking ten blocks down the road for tomorrow’s Mass at St. Frances Cabrini and getting back on the Ice Age Trail to Pike Lake State Park, which will be my last overnight.

Pray with Mary. Walk with Jesus.

~Father Andrew Kurz