Tuesday, May 20th

May 20, 2014

St. James in Cooperstown sent us off with a beautiful celebration of Mass and Fr. Mitchel, who was able to join us, gave everyone a great homily. The parishioners also fed us very well with a wonderful breakfast. Thanks to Sarah Sands.

Had a very nice stop in Kellnersville, stopping to see a young man named Mitchel. He is a disabled boy with a great need for of God’s healing hand. Some ladies named Barb and Ruth joined us for lunch and Barb and Ruth walked with us to St. Michaels in Whitelaw.

Apon arriving in Whitelaw we were greeted with great hospitality. The K of C and the pastor, Fr. Dick, Klingisen took us out for pizza at 7 lakes country club. The young men with me seem to sense the great love God is showing us through the people we meet, one of which was Dominic a simple and joyful young man who helped out with hospitality and took great interest in what we are doing.

~Fr. Andrew Kurz

Pray with Mary. Walk with Jesus