Pilgrimage Day Two

June 18, 2015
Women's pilgrimage along the way

After a nourishing breakfast, the day greeted us with beautiful blue skies and bright sunshine. We made our way to the Carmelite Monastery of the Holy Name of Jesus where we prayed the Rosary and Midday prayers. We spent some time relaxing in the shade of the Monastery, enjoying the peace and serenity of that holy place. We finished our walk for the day at St James Parish in Cooperstown, where Sister Gerri greeted us warmly. She provided for us a comfortable place to rest for the night, a warm shower and a washing machine – we didn’t have to wash our clothes in the sink this day. George brought us homemade chili and good cheer for supper. Tired and well provided for, we settled in for a good night’s sleep.

In Jesus’ Most Merciful Love,

Eileen Belongea, DRE/DYM St. Peter Youth Ministry