Pilgrimage Day One

June 18, 2015
Women's Pilgrimage embark from Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help

We are on our way for the Wisconsin Way Pilgrimage, 2015.

Day One was beautiful. After Mass at the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, Father sent us off with a pilgrimage blessing. The bright sunshine made for a lovely day of walking; 13.5 miles, with 20 pound packs on our backs, to our first pilgrim site, the St. Thomas Religious Ed Center. Along the way we received greetings from many passers-by, they would ask, “Where are you going?” To which we replied “Heaven!” We arrived tired and a bit sore, but still Joyful in the Lord. After a nice shower and change into clean clothes, my dad, George Belongea, took us to dinner and provided us with some “good cheer”. After a good night’s sleep, we are ready to head out again.

Pray with Mary, Walk with Jesus.

In Jesus’ Most Merciful Love,

Eileen Belongea, DRE/DYM St. Peter Youth Ministry