Pilgrimage Day Seven

June 24, 2015
camping out

We woke to beautiful blue skies and warm sunshine. But, the threat of severe weather was looming, many friends called to warn us of a massive storm cell moving across Wisconsin. We had 3 hours to hike 7 miles to the safety of St Michael Chapel in Mitchell, the race was on. As we headed down the Ice Age Trail, we enjoyed the gorgeous Glens, Moraines, and rock formations that make up much of that country. Soon the skies turned dark and there was the roll of Thunder in the distance, we warned a group of teens camping in shelter #4. As we came out of the forest at Scenic Road, a Knight in a shining SUV drove up. It was Tom Carl, he came to rescue us. We talked about the severe weather that threatened the rest of the day, we had 8 more miles to hike before reaching Mauthe Lake Campground. We decided to let practicality reign over pride; Tom drove us home to the comfort and safety of the St Peter Youth room where we enjoyed a hot shower and a nap. We rested there the remainder of the day. Annie Hayden brought us dinner; and many friends and family joined us. Good food, friendship and stories were shared by all. Pray with Mary, Walk with Jesus.

In Jesus’ Most Merciful Love,

Eileen Belongea, DRE/DYM