June 21

June 21, 2014
Women's Pilgrimage icing feet

Day Seven

The morning greeted us with a misty fog. We made camp style coffee, broke down our tents and headed out early with the goal of hiking 12 miles to St Matthias Chapel for 1 pm Mass. We all felt better than we expected and we were glad to be on the Ice Age trail.

Father Kurz met us and walked with us for a while near Butler Lake. Thunderstorms rumbled above the trees and we got a bit wet, but somehow we all had the energy and spirit to keep the pace moving, we did not want to miss Mass, I know it was our Lord drawing us in to nourish us for the journey. We made it with 5 minutes to spare. Historical St Matthias Chapel is gorgeous, Father Kurz presided and we were grateful for the hospitality of the community.

After a hearty lunch, we continued on our way to St Michael in Kewaskum. Today will be 19 miles, long and hard. Marie Joers was at St Michaels to greet us with other ladies from the community; they were so hospitable and accomadating. We are overwhelmed and truly thankful for the generosity and genuine Christian kindness of so many people along the way, we could not walk this pilgrimage without the love and support of so many good people.

After a good supper and our favorite night time activity – standing in ice water up to our knees for ten minutes, we settled in for some much needed rest.

Pray with Mary, Walk with Jesus.