Day Six, Friday

October 18, 2013
Saint Nazianz to the Chapel of Our Lady Queen of Our Hearts in Steinthall, then to Rockville

Though today was the feast of St. Luke, it was definitely a Friday.

I went about 11 miles today, I think. And each mile was pretty tough. The sun peeked through the steely sky a few times and the colors were beautiful, but it was tough.

I also reached the halfway mark at the end of this day, going just over 60 miles. I am praying and offering up for friends, family and all those who are tracking my progress.

Pray with Mary. Walk with Jesus.

~Father Andrew Kurz

P.S. Did have some fun doing bar ministry when I got to the end of my journey at the Rockville Bar & Grill.

Editor’s note: Father called me back later after discovering it was actually a 15 mile walk today. The soreness wasn’t so surprising after all.