Day Seven, Saturday

October 19, 2013
From Rockville to St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in Elkhart Lake

Last night I was fed and sheltered by the family that built the Chapel of Mary, Queen of Our Hearts, and I slept well.

It was a beautiful sun-shiny day with many colors today. Though I was warned not to walk Snake Road, I stepped on the snake anyway. It was a long and winding road that kept me attentive to the cars which passed me. I would not suggest this route to anyone, but it brought me to Elkhart Lake within seven miles.

The accomodations here at the rectory are very nice, but due to the shortage of priests, no priest lives here. The priest has to come from elsewhere. Young men should know there are plenty of job openings in the priesthood. Pray for vocations!

Pray with Mary. Walk with Jesus.

~Father Andrew Kurz