Thursday, May 22

May 22, 2014

With a beautiful beginning to the Day in such a beautiful place and the beautiful Liturgy we will not forgot. Heading out at 9am we were able to arrive at the Chapel of Mary Queen of our Hearts around 10:45am. This special place, almost half way through, reminds us that Mary is with us as we pray. I believe Mary put this chapel here to call people to seek her Son by making this pilgrimage with her. Along the way she is encouraging us and asking us to give our hearts to her so she can bring those hearts to Jesus.

On our way to Elkhart Lake we went a little out of the way to get on some of the Ice Age Trail. It added two miles and wasn’t really worth it when you consider that we will be on the trail most of tomorrow.

We were received at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in Elkhart Lake with great love. Besides a wonderful meal being brought in to us, people from the area also provided air matresses and other amenities for the seminarians. This Love that God allows to flow through his people is so edifying.

~Fr. Andrew Kurz

Pray with Mary, walk with Jesus