Sunday After

October 27, 2013

Today is Sunday Oct. 27th, I am back to work in the parish but need to complete the online journal with this last entry for this Wisconsin Way Pilgrimage 2013.

It was all amazing but I really was not ready for the emotional response that I was having as I walked the last leg of my journey. Pilgrimages are supposed to reflect life and this seemed to happen, in that, on my last day everything that was leading up to the end flashed before my eyes so to speak. All the help people gave me to bring me to the goal began to enter into my mind and fill me with such gratitude that I even cried tears of joy.

Yes, it took sacrifice & endurance on my part, but the more powerful force that helped me to reach the end was the love of Christ expressed through individuals who make up the Body of Christ, the Church. The individuals, including Mary & the Saints, were many. They helped me to see the love of God and how that love gets us to the goal, especially the eternal goal.

Pray with Mary. Walk with Jesus.

~Father Andrew Kurz