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Why Pilgrimage?

  • Pilgrimage is an essential part of life and living. Christians see life itself in terms of a journey, coming from God and returning to God. This is true of other world religions where pilgrimage is also important.
  • A pilgrimage is a symbol in action. It represents the journey of the Christian life from earth to heav- en. A pilgrimage is a quest and expression of one’s faith.
  • People go on pilgrimage to grow in holiness, to grow in their relationship with God and/or to discern a major decision in their life.
  • As part of the Church’s piety, pilgrimages can enrich, purify and lead the Christian people into a closer and more perfect union with Christ. Going on a pilgrimage is an expression of piety that ex- tends the liturgical life of the Church without replacing it. (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1674- 1676)

Upcoming Events

WI Way Introduction Pilgrimages with Fr. Kurz**

** Download the Waiver Form, if you are booking a WI Way Introduction Pilgrimage with Father Kurz

2021 Dates Available:

  • May 22nd* – 25th Now FULL!
  • September 11th* – 14th Now FULL!
  • October 9th* – 12th Now FULL!

* This is the day of travel to arrive at the starting point of the pilgrimage by that Saturday, around 4 pm.


Just a reminder that if you do decide to join us on one of our pilgrimages a few things will be required. You need to have at least one other person making the pilgrimage with you. No individual pilgrims are allowed unless they are given a positive reference from a known priest. The Wavier form must be submitted and when it is that will secure your spot on the pilgrimage. We take a maximum of 10 pilgrims on each pilgrimage and if we fill up space is very limited, packing light is important. A small sleeping bag, small pillow, towel, and toiletries will be needed.

Rules for participation

  1. Must be 21 or older (unless a family group)
  2. If you are not a close friend of Fr. Kurz you must be in a group of 3 or more
  3. The groups are full when we reach 10 participants

It should be noted that this pilgrimage is for those open to a Catholic Christian experience.

Fr. Kurz will be leading the pilgrimage free of charge as his own personal ministry on his time off. Expenses will consist of room and board and pilgrims should be ready to spend around 250 dollars with some of that in cash.

One should be ready to hike up to 15 miles in a day with a well prepared backpack. Packing snack foods and water is essential.


  • Day One – Any Given Sunday
    • 7am – Rosary at St. Thomas in Sugarbush, WI with send off blessing for the group heading out for a hike (7 ½ miles) to the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help
    • 12 noon – Meet hikers at The Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help after the 11am Mass
    • 1pm – European Picnic at Parallel 44
    • 2pm – Chapel Visits along the Way
    • 4pm – Holy Resurrection Monastery Orientation
    • 4:30pm – Get room and settle in (60 dollar suggested donation)
    • 5pm – Prayers with the monks
    • 6pm – Dinner (included in donation)
    • 7pm – Short hike to chapel on old seminary campus
    • 8pm – Settle in for a good night sleep (Optional Movie)
  • Day Two – The Following Monday
    • 5am – Wake & Prayer with the Monks
    • 6am – Breakfast (included in donation)
    • 7am – Hike to Lax Chapel & Mary Queen of Our Hearts (5 ½ miles)
    • 9:30am – Talk & Rosary
    • 10:30am – Hennings Cheese Factory and Elkhart Lake for Lunch
    • 11:30am – Lunch (your cost)
    • Noon – Drive to Ice Age Trail and hike (5 ½ miles)
    • 5pm – Arrive at St. Matthias
    • 5:30pm – Mass
    • 7pm – Drive to place of lodging
    • 8pm – Dinner (with cost of lodging)
    • 9pm – Holy Hill orientation video
    • 10pm ‐ Lights out
  • Day three – The following Tuesday
    • 6am – Rise & Shine
    • 7am – Breakfast (your cost or with housing)
    • 8:30am – Head out to hike the Ice Age Trail (4 to 6 miles)
    • 1:30pm – Lunch at Stations Way Park
    • 3pm ‐ Stations of the Cross
    • 3:30pm – Arrive at Holy Hill
    • 5:00pm – Pilgrim Mass
    • 6pm – Head back & pick up dinner on the way (your cost)

Interested in booking a pilgrimage? Email us through the Contact page.