Day Three, Tuesday

October 15, 2013
From Denmark to St. Joseph Parish in Kellnersville

I was worried that this being the third day would be a day of soreness and pain, but I woke up especially refreshed. It must have been the Carmel Sister’s prayers.

Visiting All Saints’ School in Denmark was a great joy. Teaching the kids about the rosary was fun for them and for me.

The first five miles of walking today were fine, but eventually the rain penetrated my waterproof boots. But only my little toe got a little blister. I’m drying my boots out right now.

I had adoration with St. Joseph’s parish in Kellnersville and was happy to see twenty to thirty people attend. One of which was a very special young man, who suffered from a physically debilitating disease but he seemed to have a sense of the presence of Christ in the Eucharist and in my priesthood.

Pray with Mary. Walk with Jesus.

~Father Andrew Kurz