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Pilgrimage Day Five

A friendly welcome!
A friendly welcome!

The Eastern Rite Monks of Holy Resurrection Monastery were so welcoming and generous to us. We enjoyed Evening Prayer with them. After a gourmet dinner, Father Moses shared many stories of his experience on the Camino De Santiago and we shared some of our Wisconsin Way stories. With as sore as our bodies felt, Father Moses encouraged us to try to trim a few more pounds from our packs - a lesson in detachment - carry with you only those things you absolutely cannot be without.

So with lighter packs and happier feet we made our way to Mary Queen of Hearts Shrine. We stopped to pray at this lovely roadside chapel and then walk straight into Elkhart Lake, to the generous and loving home of the Mertes family.

Pray with Mary, Walk with Jesus.

In Jesus' Most Merciful Love,

Eileen Belongea, DRE/DYM

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Published on Monday, June 22, 2015 in Journal